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Canyoning SAR Pro Training

Comprehensive 4-Day Canyon Search and Rescue Training Program for Complex and Dynamic Canyon Environments.

Duration: 4 Days
Meeting Location: TBD
Minimum Group Size:
Skill Level: Inerma Fitness Level: Moderate
Season: May to October

canyoneering canyoning canada
canyoneering canyoning canada
canyoneering canyoning canada
canyoneering canyoning canada

Bridging the Gap: Why Canyoning SAR Training is Essential

As the popularity of canyoning grows in British Columbia, it's essential for Search and Rescue (SAR) teams to have the necessary skills for rescuing individuals trapped in canyon terrain. This highly complex and dynamic terrain can include dry canyons or wet canyons with flowing water and waterfalls. Those who require rescue are typically not recreational canyoners, but rather hikers, swimmers, cliff jumpers, or climbers who have become trapped. With the increase of people attempting canyoning, often without the necessary experience and skills, there has been a rise in accidents.


Navigating the Unique Challenges of Canyoning Rescues

Canyon rescuers use a combination of techniques from cave rescue, mountain rescue, and water rescue to safely retrieve those in need. Our Canyoning SAR course is designed to bridge the gap between swift water rescue and technical rope rescue, making it a valuable addition to the skillset of SAR teams.

This professional and challenging training program covers both foundational and advanced canyoning skills. During the first weekend, participants will develop essential skills such as logistics and safety, risk management, communication, canyon grading, canyoning equipment, knots, rappelling techniques, ascending, anchors, and rigging to effectively navigate the complexities and dynamics of canyon environments.

The second part of the training program focuses on advanced canyon rescue rigging systems and techniques, including lowering, raising, and guiding line for challenging SAR operations. Through realistic canyon rescue scenarios, participants will learn to set up and operate these systems safely and effectively. They will also gain the necessary skills to move patients up, down, and across swift water in complex and dynamic canyon environments.

By the end of the Comprehensive 4-day Canyon Search and Rescue Training Program, SAR teams will possess the knowledge and skills to operate confidently and safely in difficult and complex canyon environments, including search, recovery, and patient stabilization and movement.

Explorer Requirements

It is important to note that the requirements for participating in the Canyon SAR pro training are similar to those for canyoning activities. These requirements include possessing a decent overall level of physical fitness, being comfortable in water and capable of swimming, and lacking any irrational fear of heights. Additionally, participants must fully comprehend and accept the WCCA Exclusion of Liability & Assumption of Risks, as canyoning, like any outdoor activity, inherently involves risks.

Therefore, individuals seeking to participate in the Canyon SAR pro training should ensure that they meet these requirements and have a willingness to learn and a positive attitude towards teamwork. It is also recommended that participants have prior experience in canyoning or other outdoor activities, as well as completed a Rope Tech Level 1 or 2 training course, to ensure they are adequately prepared for the physical and mental demands of the training. By fulfilling these requirements, individuals can develop their SAR rope rescue skills to a high level and enhance their safety and that of others during canyoning activities.

The trip includes:

  • A full-day adventure lasting 7-8 hours, guided by a professional certified guide.

  • Small guide to participant ratio for a personalized experience.

  • Group gear and emergency/rescue equipment for your safety.

  • All personal safety equipment provided.

  • Canyoning shoes for a comfortable and secure experience.

  • Wet suits and gloves to keep you warm in the water.

  • Dry bag for your personal gear to keep them safe and dry.

  • Enjoy hot drinks and light snacks during the trip for added comfort and energy.


Participants should bring:

  • Swimsuit + Fast-drying shirt

  • Towel

  • Change of clothing for the end of the day.

  • Lunch and Water

  • Optional:

  • Waterproof camera or GoPro

  • Gratuity for the guide

canyoneering canyoning canada
canyoneering canyoning canada

ADVENTURE SPORTS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING CANYONING, carry inherent risks. Prior to participation, all participants must sign a RELEASE OF LIABILITY & ASSUMPTION OF RISKS Agreement. Your legal rights may be affected in case of an accident.

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