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COVID-19 Response

I am working hard to offer the best activities/training possible without putting our students or instructors at undue risk. Our policies and decisions are based on BC CDC and Health Canada guidelines, and might change as their recommendations are updated. Please check out our most current COVID-19 policy for more details.

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Sea Kayaking

Learn the skills to become a safe and solid paddler.

Avalanche Course

Learn avalanche skills training and the principles of winter backcountry travel

Corporate adventure

A safe place for your team to bond and learn new skills in nature

About me 

François-Xavier Gagnon

Believing that a passionate guide should transcend the archetype of just showing the way by empowering his follower 

As long as a remember the call for sharing my passion and experience with others, particularly the younger generation.

I find a great fulfillment being a mentor and inspiring others. I believe that outdoor education is a great way to learn about yourself and others as well as building on life skills such as persistence, leadership, self-confidence, communications, self-awareness and conflict resolution. When working with participants, my goal is to reach beyond the class and inspire them to take action after they’ve left.


With my years of experience managing an adventure guiding company and being a search and rescue team leader I have learned the importance of risk management and believe that a high standard of safety is achieved with good planning and by adhering to industry best practices.



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Avalanche Course


Learn avalanche skills training and the principles of winter backcountry travel with the safety experts. FX is a professional Member of the Canadian Avalanche Association and an approved Avalanche Skills Training provider for Avalanche Canada. He run courses in North Vancouver and Whistler.

Backcountry skiing  provides the opportunity to experience something few skiers ever will... skiing powder in solitude.

Are you ready to escape the resort crowds by earning your turns? 


Educate yourself with an investment in an Avalanche Skills Training Course. Proper training will make your winter travels in avalanche terrain safer and more enjoyable. 

Avalanche Safety training level 1 (AST) 225$ per persons

This intro to BC Skiing combines an introduction to uphill skiing; skins management, up track setting, special equipment, and a standard Avalanche Skills Training Level 1* Your professional and certified instructor (FX Gagnon, CAA professional member) will teach you a palette of tricks and skills to jump-start your backcountry skier career. Through appropriate terrain assessment and decision making techniques you will be able to recognize, manage, and minimize avalanche hazards and reduce your risks.


Duration: 2 evenings and one day on the field.

Ask us for the private classes at the comfort of your home (4 participants minimum).