Canyoning core skills

Canyoning core skills training 20 hrs

You did the intro day and you feel you want more!


You hear about those amazing canyons around the Lower Mainland and you want to learn and how to progress in more challenging Canyon.  This educational adventure is for you. While Descending one of our amazing local Canyon, you will be learning the art of Canyoning. This weekend course his course will give you the Foundations and Core skills you need to progress towards being independent, Knowledgeable, and safe Canyoneer and will provide you with the skills to be a contributing team member with other competent Canyoneers.  


Are you ready to learn more ad of canyoning skills?


Here are some of the points FX will cover: 

  • Logistics and Safety

  • Risk management: Human, environmental factors

  • Understand Canyon grades

  • Leave No Trace Ethics

  • Rope and Equipment Care

  • Basic Knots

  • Rappel; control speed while rappelling, apply brake to stop mid-rappel.

  • Intro to Anchors and Rigging

  • Signals: verbal commands, whistle signals, hand signals.

  • Climbing, Spotting, Belaying, Handlines

  • Jumping and Water sliding