Canyon leader course

Canyon leader course 

3 days + 1 evening 

This  more in-Depth course is designed with a curriculum to make you progress from a team member to a self guided leader. Through coaching and scenarios, this course will provide you with the technical skills to be competent to lead others  and have an awareness of the risk to be able to safely navigate and assess situations that might arise.

Here are some of the points FX will cover: 

  • Planning a Canyoning day

  • Navigation, Map Reading, Canyon Topos 

  • Prepare and use a canyon topo. 

  • Knot Craft 

  • Advance anchors rigging

  • Advance Rigging (Guided rappel, safetyline, ect.)

  • Lower and belay

  • On Rope Techniques, Companion Rescue 

  • Ascend a fixed rope 

  • Pass a knot while rappelling. Pass a knot while ascending.