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 for everyone 


Intro to canyoning

Rain, fog, or shine, Canyoning is a perfect adventure for any day! Treat yourself to beautiful views, exhilarating rappels and memorable moments while staying in your local community.


Rappelling School

Experience the thrilling rush of rappelling down a vertical rock face. This is an exhilarating way to have fun and learn to trust your teammates. Our qualified and experienced instructors will be here to teach you all the skills necessary to conquer the crag.


kayaking and more

Via West Coast Educational Adventure, we push the boundary of experiential learning and offer endless possibilities of outdoor education for youth and adults.   

We specialize ourself in teaching sea kayaking skills, backpacking trips and avalanche training and more. 

Whether hanging rope-taught below a waterfall, practicing first aid, avalanche safety, or just figuring out how to roll your kayak, we will be there every step of the way to ensure the best learning experience on your path to sustainable and independent adventure.

corporate group

Is your team ready for a unique outdoor challenge? Canyoning is a great team-building activity where you will explore leadership, trust, and motivation. An unforgettable experience that your team will remember for years to come.

 Explorer Course

You want to learn and how to progress in a more challenging canyon. While descending one of our amazing local canyon, you will be learning the art of canyoning. This weekend course will give you the Foundations and core skills you need to progress




What’s the next best step after a first canyoning experience? Book an intermediate or advanced private trip with bigger jumps and rappel or hire your personal instructor to become more independent in canyons.


leader course

This course will provide you with the technical skills to be competent to lead others through coaching and scenarios. Giving you the tools to be able to safely navigate and assess situations that might arise in a wet canyon environment