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Canyoning Adventures in Squamish and Fraser Valley

West Coast Canyoning Adventures

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with West Coast Canyoning, where nature's beauty meets heart-pounding excitement. Also known as canyoneering, this outdoor pursuit takes you through the rugged canyons of Vancouver’s Sea-to-Sky corridor & Fraser Valley. 

You’ll explore a canyon of your choice by leaping into pools and rappelling down waterfalls, led by our expert guides who will ensure a safe and unforgettable experience. Experience the lush landscapes of the West Coast rainforest and combine physical activity with awe-inspiring scenery, promising an unforgettable journey.

As passionate stewards of the environment, we're committed to sustainability and constantly seek ways to minimize our ecological footprint. Discover more about our sustainability efforts and how we're striving for a greener future on our Sustainability page 

Canyoning is an inclusive outdoor adventure suitable for participants of all ages, making it an ideal activity for families and individuals alike. West Coast Canyoning Adventures offers full day and half day trips, advanced courses, and private trips – feel free to take a look at available options on the Book Now page!

Our Experience

Join West Coast Canyoning Adventures (WCCA), the premier certified Canyoning Operator on Canada's West Coast, for a thrilling journey through breathtaking canyons. As an accredited member of Canyon Guides International, WCCA upholds the highest standards of safety and environmental conservation. Our commitment to exceptional safety practices is enhanced by regular training sessions with the Local Search and Rescue Team in Swiftwater and Wildland Rope Rescue, ensuring superior preparedness and swift response capabilities.

Since commencing operations in 2019, WCCA has proudly conducted hundreds of canyoning expeditions, welcoming over a thousand newcomers to the dynamic and challenging sport of canyoning. Our dedication to community involvement and environmental responsibility is evident through our extensive pro bono work, which includes canyon inspections, trail maintenance, collaborative training with the local SAR group, and partnerships with environmental organizations to protect wildlife and canyon ecosystems. This commitment promotes sustainable and conscientious adventure tourism.

Our team of guides, all certified by Canyon Guides International, possess Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Swiftwater Rescue Technician qualifications, guaranteeing that each adventure is conducted with the utmost professionalism and a keen focus on safety. Embark on a canyoning adventure with WCCA, where safety, training, and environmental sustainability are as integral as the thrill of exploration. Elevate your canyoning skills with WCCA and experience unparalleled educational and exhilarating moments with every pulse-racing descent.



This was definitely one of the highlights of my summer! We could not have asked for a better guide - FX was so careful and safe, entertaining, and a great energy to be around all day.

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